Award-winning Prolight Laser Harp Controller

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Prolight Laser Harp controller working with Phoenix 4 LIVE

Today we are presenting Phoenix 4 LIVE laser show software.

Why we are so interested in Phoenix 4 LIVE is because the Team behind this great product took their time to program a specially adapted surface control for Prolight Laser Harp Controller.  With this piece of User Interface you are able to play selected laser animations or even whole shows by breaking the beams on your Laser Harp. If you connect your Prolight Laser Harp Controller via USB to MIDI cable adapter to your PC (with Phoenix 4 Live software) and Synthesizer, when you break beams you can play sounds and laser shows simultaneously.

Phoenix 4 LIVE is the professional, easy-to-use laser show software for ILDA compatible laser projectors for use in clubs and live performances of any size.

The user gets over 700 ready pre-programmed laser animations to perform directly and without prior knowledge of laser technology. You can always program new effects and edit existing ones. By Easy-to-perform optimization settings you get a superior output quality even on low-cost laser systems. All effects, runtext, SMS-4 laser and interactive intervention can be controlled in all axes of motion, via touch screen, by midi keyboard, PC keyboard and/or controlled by external DMX controller.

Phoenix 4 Live
software offers:

•    Professional, intuitive Live show laser software
•    Amazing output quality even on low-cost laser projectors
•    More than 700 pre-programmed laser animations ready to use
•    Individual programmable effects very quickly and easily by drag 'n drop
•    Up to 960 stored animations per live show
•    Timelines for quick programming of small laser shows
•    Quick Setup of commercially available laser projectors
•    Output on up to 8 individually controllable laser projectors
•    Global and individual animation optimization settings
•    Up to 32 Safety zones for protection of the environment
•    Quick access to frequently used menu functions
•    "Media Converter - Live Version" to converted pixel-based logo into laser-optimized figures
•    Extensive 2D Basic Picture Editor to create your own laser animations
•    Full import and export of animations for Phoenix4 Live
•    Audio files of unlimited length addable to animations
•    Laser-optimized, dynamic, animated runtext
•    Control of key interface elements with external MIDI / DMX controller is freely configurable
•    3D visualization of the laser output in real-time 3D environment (Free navigation, 3D environment editable)
•    8-fold matrix projector assignment in real-time (for each animation)
•    Chaser-Function for laser projectors (i.e. running light function)
•    Many powerful functions from PHOENIX4 PRO such as Hidden Lines, Masking, scan limits, Sparkling, strobes, up to 30 layers per animation, Farbmorphings, morphing images, etc.
•    Multi-language interface
•    Several professional-looking interface skins…

Phoenix4 Prolight Laser Harp Controller for Phoenix4 Live 

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Scott - Hi there, I not long ago bought the laser harp from you and so have big interest with Phoenix 4, however recently ungraded to a new laser I am soon to get which supports 60K Galvo, I can't see Phoenix 4 support this. Is there anything you can suggest? Many thanks, Scott.

thanh thien -

tomas - cunts

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